DIY Ribbon Bow

Question: Are you a present wrapper or gift bag kind of person? I have to say, I’m definitely in the former group, especially since I’ve learned how to make bows to add to presents. I’ve learned that even if your wrapping looks bad, adding a handmade bow makes people think you’re a professional gift wrapper, ha ha!

flannel / jeans (similar) / loafers (similar)

The great thing about this method is that it works for year-round presents, and I bet you already have all of the material you need.


wired ribbon

thin ribbon


wrapped present


1. Cut a strip of wired ribbon the circumference of your gift and tie it in a knot. If you wish, do the same thing and tie another ribbon perpendicular to the previous strand. This creates the appearance that the ribbon/bow has been wrapped around the gift.

2. Take the wired ribbon (still on the spool) and fold it over. The size of the gift will determine how long the fold has to be. For explanation purposes, let’s say you fold it over about 5 inches. Continue to fold the ribbon over and over, maintaing that 5 in. length (or however long yours is). The more folds you have, the more voluminous your bow will be.

3. Cut the ribbon from the spool.

4. Keeping everything together, cut slits in the center on both sides of the folded ribbon. Be careful not to cut all the way through!

5. Take a small piece of thin ribbon, and slide it into the slits, tying a knot on the back side.

6. Using the small ribbon, tie your folded ribbon onto the gift, covering the knots created earlier.

7. Take one fold at a time and twist 360 degrees. Continue to do this until your bow is formed.

There you have it! Your present wrapping will turn heads at your next party.