Outfits of the Week + What I Cooked for Supper (11/22 – 11/28)

I’m starting off today’s post by linking everything I wore this week.

dress (SARAH15)

sweater poncho

olive cardigan (SARAH15) / tank / leggings

henley / leopard leggings (similar)

sweater (similar)

sweater / jeans (similar, similar)

Since Thanksgiving was this week, I didn’t cook as much “regular” food as I usually do. What I mean is, there were several evenings when we had family gatherings to attend, where I fixed a traditional Thanksgiving dish, and several nights we ate leftovers. I figure most of you were in the same situation.

Main Dishes + Sides

Pizza – I’ve shared this dough recipe multiple times, but this is a quick and easy recipe to use.

Chicken Parm Stuffed Peppers – These are really good! Additionally, leaving out the pasta makes this a low[er] carb dish.

Chicken quesadillas and Mexican rice – This is one of our favorite dishes! I just cook diced chicken in a skillet and sprinkle it with taco seasoning, then add peppers and onions and let it all finish cooking together. I add chicken and shredded cheese into tortillas and let them cook on each side.


Nutella S’mores Bars – I halved the recipe for us.

Have a great day!


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