Outfits of the Week + What I Cooked for Supper (11/15 – 11/21)

As always, here’s what I wore this week. I went with more casual looks because my principal allowed us to wear jeans, since it’s the week before Thanksgiving break.

Several pieces are from Downtown Allie, and you can use SARAH15 to get 15% off those items.

I’m also sharing what I cooked this week, including TWO yummy dessert recipes.

poncho sweater / shift dress (SARAH15) / boots

sweater (SARAH15) / jeans (similar) / leopard loafers

long sleeve / vest (SARAH15) / jeans (similar, similar) / booties

trumpet sleeve sweater (SARAH15) / jeans (similar) / leopard loafers

color block cardigan (Here’s the 2020 version.) / peplum top (similar) / leggings / flats (Time and Tru – check local Walmart)

black jacket (this year’s version) / striped tunic (similar) / leggings / sneakers (I linked the exact style, but I got mine from Marshall’s.)

Main Dishes + Sides

Chicken quesadillas and Mexican rice – This is one of our favorite dishes! I just cook diced chicken in a skillet and sprinkle it with taco seasoning, then add peppers and onions and let it all finish cooking together. I add chicken and shredded cheese into tortillas and let them cook on each side.

Chili and grilled cheese sandwiches – Soup and chili are so nice this time of year. Daniel and I tag-teamed supper on this night. He made the chili, and I cooked the grilled cheese sandwiches.

Grilled chicken wraps and sweet potato fries – I love sweet potato fries and actually prefer them to regular ones.

Sausage and peppers – Yes, this was on last week’s menu, but it’s so easy and tasty!

Hamburger steak, roasted veggies, macaroni and cheese – These dishes are pretty straight forward, but my guys really liked this meal. The macaroni noodles I get actually have a recipe on the back of the box, which is what I use.


Banana Cake for 2 – I’m all about quick, easy, and delicious desserts, and this banana cake hits all of those points. Rather than split it into two ramekins, I just make it all together in a small dish.

Homemade apple pie – I’ve never made apple pie before and wanted to try the “lattice crust” because the finished product looks so pretty. This is an actual picture of the one I made, and the only thing that would’ve made this better would’ve been some ice cream!

Have a good day!


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