Gatlinburg Getaway

Hey, y’all! I hope you all had a restful weekend!

Mine and Daniel’s 5th anniversary was Saturday, and one thing we’ve learned is how important it is to make time for each other (more about that in this post). As a result, we decided to do a little getaway to one of our favorite places: Gatlinburg, TN.

In the mountains vs. beach debate, we definitely prefer the former, and have ventured to Gatlinburg every year since we’ve been married. There’s just something about a little mountain town that seems so cozy.

Due to COVID, we decided to rent a cabin and do our own cooking, to avoid the crowds that were sure to be in downtown. Honestly, it was so nice to cook together, verses me cooking and Daniel entertaining Isaac, like we do at home.

We arrived late Thursday night and ate supper on the road. On Friday, we planned on making breakfast casserole (recipe linked in this post), but we discovered that our cabin didn’t have a baking dish. Instead, we made a sausage, egg, and cheese scramble with a side of crescent rolls and had enough leftovers that Saturday’s breakfast was taken care of, too.

For lunch, we made chili (recipe link is here) and grilled cheese sandwiches and ate on the upper balcony. It was actually pretty warm (in the 70s), so we finished lunch on the lower balcony that was a little more shaded.

Since we had plenty leftover, we had chili for supper, too. I tried to make the Nutella s’mores bars I mentioned in my birthday post, but the oven was really old, so they came out more like burnt crisps, ha ha! Unfortunately, most of the dessert found its way to the garbage.

Additionally, while we did some work, we are graduate students and working parents after all, we also had lots of time to relax, which was the whole purpose of the trip.

Daniel brought his guitar and wrote a few songs, and I got to exercise outside with the mountains in the distance. We also each brought a book and read for fun. It was wonderful.

While we were only gone a couple of nights, it was honestly so refreshing to get away and celebrate our anniversary.

Here’s a link to the cabin where we stayed. While it did have some slightly creepy baby clothes hanging on the walls, it had excellent cleanliness ratings, ha ha. In all seriousness though, it was the perfect size for us, and the views can’t be beat.

What’s your favorite place to vacation with your spouse?


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