How Daniel and I Met

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re doing well!

Mine and Daniel’s 5th anniversary is on Saturday (November 7), so I thought it’d be fun to tell how we met. I asked Daniel to contribute to the story, so you could get his perspective, too.

This is our very first picture together.

Here’s my version of what lead to our meeting:

I didn’t date much in high school and always imagined that college would be where I met “Mr. Right.” However, while my friends were all in serious relationships while we were at the University of Tennessee at Martin, I remained painfully single. After a long time of me trying to force relationships to happen, the Lord brought me to a low, lonely place and told me that if I kept trying to create relationships, then who would get the credit? I finally got to the point where I gave everything to God and told Him that He’d have to be the one to bring a man into my life, so He’d get the glory. That was around March or April of 2014.

Fast forward to May when I came home from college. My family and I were in search of a church, and at that time, the church Daniel was pastoring was a few miles from my parents’ house, so one Sunday, Dad and I went, and as we pulled into the parking lot, a black truck whipped in behind us, almost hitting us.

You probably know where this is going, but low and behold, Daniel was the one in the truck, ha ha!

Dad introduced us, we exchanged a few pleasantries, then it was time for church.

That afternoon, Daniel sent me a friend request on Facebook and messaged me saying how nice it was to have Dad and me at church.

I found the original message on Facebook Messenger:

Daniel’s version of what was going on behind the scenes:

When I was younger, my momma taught me the principle that if something is worth worrying about, then, it’s worth praying about for 30 days. In the spring of 2014, I began a 30 day prayer for a wife. I believe it was on day 14 of this prayer that I met Sarah. 

The story goes something like this. I was running late for church that morning (which was not unusual at that time in my life), and when I whipped in the parking lot, I about ran over this car backing into a parking space. I thought, “That’s Steve Killingsworth…and his daughter.” I have known Steven and some of his family through playing music for years, but I had never met his daughter. 

I had recently invited Steven to come to church with me sometime, but I wasn’t expecting to see them as I pulled in that morning. I was introduced to Sarah, and we all talked for a few minutes before going in for worship.

When I stood to preach that morning, I looked out and Sarah began taking notes during the sermon. I was impressed! I still remember going home that day after church and saying, “Steve Killingsworth and his daughter came to church today, and she took notes as I preached.”

I wanted to ask Sarah out, but I wanted to be faithful to fulfill the 30 day prayer that I had committed to, so once I finished the 30 day prayer, I asked her out, and she said, “Yes.” 

Remember friends, if something is worth worrying about, it’s worth praying about.  I’m sure thankful that the Lord sent Sarah as an answer to my prayers.

These are our first Facebook profile pictures as a couple. If you’re an OG Facebooker, you know changed profile pictures made a couple “Facebook Official.”

I can’t get over how young we look!

I hope you enjoyed today’s “behind the scenes” take on the beginning of mine and Daniel’s relationship.

Sarah [and Daniel]

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