28 Things About Me on My 28th Birthday

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today is my 28th birthday, and since there are so many new faces around here, I thought it’d be interesting to tell you 28 things that you might not know about me.

1. I’m a Christian. I’ve been going to church, since I was in the womb and gave my life to Christ when I was in high school.

2. I’ve been married for [almost] 5 years. Mine and Daniel’s anniversary is next week, November 7.

3. I’m a pastor’s wife. Daniel is a full time pastor, and we’ve been at our current church for two years.

4. We have a toddler, named Isaac. Isaac was Sarah’s son in the Bible, so that’s where Daniel and I got inspiration for his name.

5. I had a c-section. When Isaac’s due date came and went, and he showed no signs of wanting to make his grand debut, I was induced. Unfortunately, that didn’t work, and I had to have an emergency c-section. It went smoothly, but the recovery was no joke. C-section mommas, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

6. My middle name is Joyce. This is a family name. Joyce is the middle name of my mom and her mom.

7. I’m in my 6th year of teaching. I’ve taught at the same school all six years.

8. I teach high school English. I primarily teach freshmen but have a sophomore class each spring semester.

9. We have a German shepherd. After Daniel and I got married, we went to the local pound to find a dog. Low and behold, we found Curtis laying there. He’s a full-blooded German shepherd and the best dog, and we’re so thankful to have him.

10. I was born and raised in Tennessee. I love the South and believe that TN is a wonderful place to live.

11. I know [some] sign language. When I was a teenager, I, along with some other girls in my church’s youth group, would translate Christian songs into sign language and perform them in front of the church. More often than not, I was the one who translated the songs and taught the others, so over time, some of it stuck.

12. I’ve held an alligator. My family and I took a swamp tour in New Orleans once, and the business raised alligators. They passed a baby one around the boat for everyone to hold.

13. I won an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. when I was in high school. The electric cooperatives in Tennessee have an essay writing contest for high school juniors each year. My essay won first place in my district, so I got to go to our nation’s capitol.

14. I had retainers, then braces, then retainers again. I got retainers in the 1st grade, but didn’t wear them like I was supposed to. As a result, I had to get braces in the 7th grade and wore them for two years. I now have a permanent retainer behind my bottom, front teeth.

15. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin. I majored in Secondary Education, English 7-12 and finished my degree in 3 1/2 years.

16. I enjoy audiobooks, particularly psychological thrillers. As Isaac’s gotten older, opportunities for me to read a tangible book are few and far between. I’ve really gotten into audiobooks because I can listen and be engaged, while doing other things. These are my favorite Bluetooth headphones .

17. I’ve consistently worked out [at least] 5 days a week for 29 weeks. That’s over half a year! Here’s a blog post explaining how I got into a regular exercise routine.

18. I’ve been in 4 states at one time. If you’ve ever been out West, there’s a place called “Four Corners” where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah meet. There’s an area marked, about the size of a plate, where you can stand and be in all four states at once.

19. I have a “Type A” personality. I don’t do the “enneagram” thing, but I am super organized and like to be in charge of things.

20. I only wash my hair one day a week. This blog post is about how I trained my hair to go longer between washes.

21. My all-time favorite dessert is Nutella s’mores bars. Here’s the recipe.

22. I prefer dresses over pants. Why wear tight pants when you could wear a flowy dress?

23. I was selected as my school’s Teacher of the Year for the 2019-2020 school year. This award is faculty selected, and I was honored to receive it. Additionally, one of the “rewards” of being my school’s Teacher of the Year, was the “opportunity” to read the names at graduation for the class of 2020. Fortunately, the names were relatively easy to pronounce, and it ended up not being as bad as I thought it would be.

24. I’m an early bird. Honestly, it’s hard for me to stay up late, and there usually comes a certain point in the evenings where, if I lay down on the couch, I’m out. I can get up at the crack of dawn, and often wake up early, even without an alarm.

25. Fall is my favorite season. Give me all the cozy layers, warm drinks, cool temps, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice.

26. I haven’t had a soft drink in over 8 years. However, I do drink a cup of coffee each morning, so I get caffeine that way.

27. I’m working on my Master’s degree. I’m in a year long program through Tennessee State University to get my Master’s in Instructional Leadership. While I enjoy being in the classroom now, I also want more options as I get older and hope to one day be in an administrative position.

28. I’m glad you’re here. I started my blog two months ago, and have continued to be overwhelmed by your support and encouragement. Thank you for being here!


3 thoughts on “28 Things About Me on My 28th Birthday”

  1. The Enneagram is so awesome! If you are ever interested in learning about it – I use a Christ Centered approach through Beth McCord “your enneagram coach” AMAZING! It is has been so freeing, intriguing and really enriched all my relaltionships! All of them – self, marriage, friendships and JESUS! Beth and her husband have several books that are wonderful! I can’t recommend it enough – further your self discovery, discovery of Daniel and more!


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