Mask-Friendly Earrings

Hey, y’all!

Right before quarantine started in the spring, I was really into statement earrings. Unfortunately, that’s a difficult trend to participate in now that masks are worn daily.

Today, I’ve rounded up my most-worn, mask-friendly earrings, and they’re all from Walmart.

Round Crystal Stone Earrings

This is my most worn pair. They’re a little more dressy than typical studs, yet they’re still easy to wear with a mask. I probably wear them at least five days a week.

Pearl Earrings

I’m not sure where you’re from, but I’m a Southern girl, so pearls are always a must. This is my other most-worn pair of earrings. I’m just as likely to wear them with a dress as I am with workout clothes.

Here are a few other cute options that would work with masks:

1 / 2

Do you still wear statement earrings or have you gone the studs route like me?


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