I Got Hair Extensions!!!

Hey, everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! Today is Parent-Teacher Conference, except this year, due to COVID, all meetings will be done via email or phone call. That also means that I don’t have to be at school until 12:00, which is nice.

If you’ve seen my Instagram over the last few days, you may have noticed something different about my appearance: I got hair extensions!

I’ve always wanted long hair, and while my hair curls and straightens easily, it’s never grown very fast or long, so my dream was never achievable.

I’ve thought about getting extensions for quite a while, but I’ve always felt like there was some kind of stigma that came with them. However, one day I decided it wouldn’t hurt to do some looking, so I went to Amazon.

After looking at several brands and reading tons of reviews, I finally decided to purchase a pair of clip-ins and went with GOO GOO Hair Extensions. All I can say is, “Oh my goodness!”

I think the pictures speak for themselves, but these extensions blend so well with my real hair.

I’ve had a few questions that I’d like to answer, in case you’re interested in trying them out, too.

What brand and color did you get?

I went with GOO GOO Hair Extensions because they had the best reviews. After looking at the color options, I decided on “Ombre Chocolate Brown to Caramel Blonde” 16 inch, BUT these extensions can be dyed to match your color.

How do you blend them with your real hair/make them look natural?

It’s really important to wash them before you wear them. While I didn’t do that at first, I have since, and it automatically makes them look and feel more natural. The first picture is my extensions without being washed, and you can tell such a difference in how voluminous they look in picture two.

Also, they seem to blend better when everything (my real hair + extensions) is curled, so I highly recommend going that route when styling them.

Additionally, I’ve discovered that focusing the extensions more on the side of my head, as opposed to exclusively in the back, makes everything more blended.

How do you wash and dry them?

Instructions are provided on how to wash them. I just used a mixing bowl and put shampoo and water in it. I lathered them up there, then rinsed them in the sink. Next, I applied conditioner, left it in for a bit, and rinsed. I squeezed as much water from them as I could with a towel and hung them on a towel rack over night.

Does the curl hold, or does the weight of the hair make it fall out faster?

They hold the curls very well. In fact, my extensions hold curls better than my real hair does!

Are they clip-in or tape-in?

I went with the clip-in route, just because tape sounded messy and slightly painful. GOO GOO also has a “halo” option that seems the most simple and might be a good option if you have thinning hair.

How easy/hard are they to put in?

While the clips do take a little bit of getting used to as far as how they feel, they’re super easy to put in and take out. It probably takes me 2-3 minutes to do this.

You simply open the clips, position them on your roots/scalp, and “pop” them down. The instructions booklet also describes how to use them.

Do they take longer to style?

They take a while to style/curl initially just because there’s so much hair. However, you don’t have to curl them everyday, so other than fixing them after they’ve been washed and dried, the styling is pretty quick.

Do you sleep/shower with them in?

I take them out at night and put them in after I shower in the mornings. While the clips aren’t bad, I’m not sure how comfortable they’d be to sleep in.

Do you think people with naturally curly hair can use them?

Depending on the size of your curling wand/iron, I think it would be fairly easy to make the extension curls match any you may have naturally. Remember, the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls, so consider that when styling the extensions. I use a 1 in.-1/2 in. curling wand and talk about it in this post.

Again, these are an Amazon purchase, so the quality isn’t what you’d find in a salon. However, they’re a great way to try out extensions without breaking the bank.

Would you be interested in a tutorial on how I put them in and style them?


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