Loungewear in the Work Environment

Hey, y’all! How’s your week been so far? I’m in the middle of fall break, so things are going pretty well here!

When COVID started and Zoom meetings became the norm, people mastered the art of dressing professionally on the top and comfortably on the bottom. These days, more people are back in the workplace. However, that doesn’t mean you still can’t dress comfortably.

Lounge Sets

Comfy sets are all the rage right now. However, sometimes the prints can be rather bold and look a little too casual for the work environment. The great thing about sets is that you can mix and match them with more professional pieces that are more appropriate for work.

leopard set (similar) / mustard skirt (similar) / denim jacket (similar) / white henley


I love a good pair of leggings. However, wearing them with a baggy sweatshirt isn’t an option for most working people. Instead, pair your favorite leggings with a cute dress or layer a tunic and cardigan for a more put-together look. Stick to black for the most professional look.

leggings / spotted tunic/dress (similar) / over the knee boots (similar) / leopard sweatshirt / tank / cardigan / scarf / flats (Time and Tru – check local Walmart)


Tunic sweaters are wonderful to lounge in, but they can also look sloppy if not paired with the right bottoms. Take your favorite oversized sweater and add some tight jeans, a front tuck, and jewelry for a more polished, yet still causal, outfit.

statement sleeve sweater (similar) / leopard flats / leopard sweatshirt / striped sweater / booties / fedora (similar)


Have you tried joggers? Though not all joggers are created equal, with a few key items, they totally work in the workplace. My favorite way to wear joggers is with a tucked in, fitted top, a denim jacket, and cute sneakers.

joggers / denim jacket (similar) / sneakers (linked in this post) / leopard sweatshirt / cardigan / flats (Time and Tru – check local Walmart)


As women, we all have those days when our hair does not want to cooperate. For most, the solution is to throw it up in a ponytail. However, there are so many accessories to use on those days for a more polished look. This “hair piece” has been a game-changer for me and allows me to look like I spent a ton of time on my hair, even when I didn’t. I talk more about it on this post.

6 pack of headbands

Which “lounge” item do you want to try wearing in the workplace?


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