Life Lessons from Women in the Bible: Sarah

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all doing well!

I’m continuing my series on “Life Lessons from Women in the Bible,” and today’s post is all about my namesake: Sarah.

Sarah was Abraham’s wife, and as they grew older, they remained childless. Then one day, God spoke to Abraham and said he would be “the father of many nations.” This provided Abraham and Sarah with the hope that they’d be parents. Unfortunately, that did not happen the way they thought it would and many more years passed without them having a child. As a result, Sarah took matters into her own hands and had Abraham lay with her maidservant, Hagar. The latter conceived and had a son named Ishmael; then Sarah grew jealous and mistreated Hagar.

Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there. Sarah eventually did conceive when she was 90 years old and had a son named Isaac (That’s why mine and Daniel’s son has that name.). Furthermore, Jesus was one of his descendants.

While Sarah’s story ends happily, there are certainly several lessons we can learn from her route getting there.

Sarah’s main wish was to have a child, yet it took a looonnggg time for that to happen. Can you imagine the questions she got throughout her life, related to children? “Sarah, when are you and Abraham going to have children?” “What are you waiting on? You’re not getting any younger.” “I thought your husband was going to be the ‘father of many nations. How is that possible unless you start having children?'” The reality is, all of that was out of her control.

Similar questions get thrown at women today; however, be careful when asking such things. It could be that the woman you’re talking to doesn’t feel called to have children, which is totally fine, OR it could be that she wants to have a child more than anything but can’t. It could be that she’s had a miscarriage and is grieving inside. It could be that she’s had children before but is experiencing secondary infertility. Just remember, not all questions are appropriate to ask because you don’t always know what others are going through behind the scenes.

After years of being barren, Sarah’s patience waned, and her desire to have a child, by any means, eclipsed her reason. Since we know how Sarah’s story ends, it’s easy to reprimand her for “playing God” when she sent Hagar to be with Abraham. Unfortunately, that was a decision she regretted for the rest of her life.

While we don’t always know what God’s plans are, when they play out, it’s exactly like He wanted it. For years, I wondered why God wouldn’t send me a man to be with and after trying to make things happen myself, and getting rejected as a result, I finally realized that God would have to be the one to orchestrate it, so He’d get the glory. Once I came to this realization, I met Daniel a few months later, and all those years of singleness suddenly made sense. I can honestly say God brought Daniel and me together at exactly the right time. Whatever your situation is, He’ll work it out at the proper moment for you, too.

After Hagar conceived, Sarah treated her very badly. It turned out that having a child through a surrogate wasn’t quite the same as having one herself. Don’t forget, though, it was Sarah’s idea to begin with.

With social media, it’s easier than ever for women to be hateful to each other, but as the saying goes, “Hurt people hurt people.” It’s never okay to be unkind or pick fights. We get to choose happiness, and as Daniel says, “It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.” Remember that the next time you’re tempted to tear someone else down.

Sarah was 90 years old when she had Isaac! Can you imagine?! As previously mentioned though, Jesus was one of her descendants. If not for Sarah’s role, we wouldn’t have Christ!

God wants to use each of us to do His work, but sometimes we use the excuse, “I’m too __________,” to get out of doing it. The thing about the Lord is, if you won’t do it, then He’ll find someone else who will. Why miss out on the blessing? Think about what God could do with you if you’d let Him.

I hope you’ll take these lessons written by Sarah about Sarah (See what I did there?) and apply them to whatever situation you’re currently in. I also pray that if Jesus isn’t the Lord of your life, you’ll ask Him into your heart today, so that He can begin to use you, too.


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